Monday, June 10, 2013


I'm done with this blog bullshit. I'm done with kendra. I'm done with you mental bloggers. I dont need this, and I dont need you bitch. I'm tired of you keeping shit from me, hurting my best friends, and running. I'm done running, and so should you.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Something is up with K. She just called me, and she had a scared tone to her voice. She started coughing halfway through the conversation, and at first it wasnt so bad, but it got worse, alot worse. From a occasional cough, to so bad I could barely understand what she was saying. close to the end she screamed oh shit, and I heard her running to another room, and turning on water. She started coughing again, and screamed no no no into the phone. Scared the shit out of me. When I asked what was wrong I just heard her mumble something. I said what, and she screamed, then hung up the phone. I'm extremely freaked out by this, and I dont know what to do.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Welcome back love.

I went out looking for her at the park we have nearby. She wasn't there, so I just sat there for awhile waiting to see if she would show up. She didnt. I finally just got tired of waiting, and went back to her house. I almost screamed when I walked in and saw her sitting in the front room drinking a rock star  She started laughing at me, and said miss me? I didnt really know what to say. I have her sitting on the couch, face and hands covered in blood, with the biggest grin I have ever seen. Kind of like a little kid in a candy shop. Under the circumstances all I could think of to say was "That was fast." She wont tell me where she was or what she did. All I could get from her about it was "Took care of our little problem, with enough time to pick up a little treat"and with that she lifted the rock star and started giggling. Its official. K has officially gone off the deep end. Luckily nobody but us were at the house, because they had all gone to some barbecue thing, so she wouldnt get questioned for all the blood. I helped her clean herself up, and asked if she wanted to update her blog, because you are all probably worried as heck. She smiled in a weird way, tilted her head, and said in a too cheerful tone( I mean way too cheerful a tone for someone who probably just killed, or mutilated someone) nah.
K is gone. I just woke up and she wasnt here. She left A note saying she'll be back by Monday. i'm worried about what shes doing. She better not be going after Jared.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Slendy Man Hipster?

Parks are fun don't you think? I mean, they used to be. The childhood place of safety that soon turned into a place of horrors. Yesterday I was like you know what? Fuck the great and powerful S man. And proceeded to go to a park alone. That is never a good idea my lovelies. What is it with Jared and parks anyway? Is he like some pedo that watches kids play, and just so happens to be there when you are? Maybe its just me. Jared was at this park alone too. No weapons, or henchmen, or blah blah whatever the heck he usually has. He didn't try to kill me or anything, just talk. Maybe he just hates K? Sexist bastard.... Never did treat girlies the same as bros. No difference really, just the missing body part, and a bit more emotional, but in his book different none the less. And I'm getting off subject again.(sorry everyone, my mind tends to wander sometimes) So he sat with me and talked. Said sorry for knocking me out the last time we met, and caught up with me a bit. I swear I kept thinking he would try to kill me at any minute, like he does with K. He asked me why I keep running from good ole slendy, and told me to abandon the bitch and join him. I know people always say bros before hoes... but just no. I cant imagine leaving K. I really like her alot, as a friend and a leader. Shes really strong and shit. Not just physically, but mentally too. Alot more than me that's for sure. Don't tell her I said this, but I kinda like her more than just as a friend. No way I would let her know. Who needs love at a time like this, she would probably laugh at me anyway. So back on subject, I basically told Jared to fuck off, and started to leave, but he said just think about it and get back to me. One funny point of our conversation, where for a split second I thought I had my old friend back, was when he said " You know not to sound like a hipster or anything but I liked slenderman before it was cool bro."
 Aha........your welcome :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I've decided that this blog isnt going to be all doom and gloom we all gonna die. K might be dead set on doing that but personally I cant handle all her depression and gloom stuff. Slendy man can just wait till after the video I'm watching to bother me. I'm watching julian smith right now, which is the funniest thing ever. Its all good and stuff but a video I saw earlier really made me feel good. aha masky....
I'm worried about K. BTW i'm just gonna use my nickname for her from now on. she calls me B I call her K. I'm starting to think shes maybe not as strong as I thought. I walked into her bathroom, and found blood all over the floor, and her curled up in a corner grabbing her shoulder and sobbing. I've never seen her cry before. I asked her what was wrong and she looked me and I swear if looks could kill... And screeched at me to get out. She came out a little while ago and when I asked her what was wrong again and she simply said nothing a stitch had tore and showed me the new stitches she had made to her arm, but then she went to her room, locked the door and I swear I heard more sobbing. I don't know whats wrong and I don't know what to do. I've never had to deal with an emotional female before.